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Special Offers Await Below

Attention All​
Military Personnel
Union Employees
U of I Employees
All Military Personnel, Union Employees and U of I Employees ​will be given the chance to save some money this holiday season! Impressions will be having a Fall/ Winter Special! Please show varification ( ID, Uniform, Nametag, Employee shirt ) to enjoy our special offers! 
  • $10 Off Any 2 Front Windows
  • $15 Off Any 2 Door Car/Truck
  • $20 Off Any 4 Door Car/Truck
Military Personnel​​
​​Start: Nov 13th

End: Feb 28th
Union Employees
​​Start: Jan 15th

End: Feb 15th
U of I Employees
​​Start: Jan 15th

End: Feb 15th

A Little Bit About Us

Scorpion Window Film
Impressions takes care of a wide variety of cars. At a very reasonable cost! One of our most recent projects is the image above, a brand new Tesla! 
Impressions also tints a wide variety of trucks! At a reasonable cost! We would love to be able to do your truck today!
Impressions gets the job done right the first time, with some help from our distibutor, Scorpion Window Film! Making sure every window is perfect, just for you.

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